Ever been searching for an article on a particular issue? Want to stretch your thinking on one topic or another? Here are a collection of articles from around the internet. They are thought-provoking, encouraging, insightful and/or controversial. Food for thought. Let me know if you have found something worth adding (or a broken link in the list).

[R] = Reformage article


7 reasons to teach your children Church history

How to teach the Old Testament to children

Speaking to children about the incarnation


What do your favourite movies reveal about your theology? [R]

Family Life

Baby steps to family devotions

Redefining what family can look like in the urban context

The new year for your children

Visiting newborns and new families [R]


Why being awesome will only get you so far in leadership

Speaking & Preaching

Five reason your presentations are letting you and your audience down

How social media impacts my preaching [R]

Simple practices that will make your preaching better

The Place of Story in Identity and Faith Formation – Part 1 | Part 2 [R]

What TEDx speakers do that preachers don’t

Youth Ministry

An Integrated Church – Introduction |  Part 2

Are we too independent? [R]

Diagnostic questions for youth pastors

Refusing to ignore teenagers with special needs

Suffering, Secrets and Youth Ministry [R]

Take it from Bonhoeffer – There are no ‘Christian’ youth

The Guru and the Guide: how to engage youth with the Bible