Free Bible Studies: The Persecuted Church

The global persecution of Christians has been made significantly more public in recent times. Although many of us live in relative peace and freedom, we have become more exposed to those who suffer significantly for their faith, and often with their lives. Open Doors is an organisation involved in a lot excellent work in advocacy, […]

The place of ‘story’ in identity and faith formation – Part 1

Stories captivate. The magnitude and influence of the modern film industry attests to our desire for captivating stories. The most endearing stories are those which draw us in through subjective narrative. They allow us to position ourselves within the story, providing avenues for the construction of meaning and identity. Stories resonate especially with young people. As […]

Book Review: The Truest Thing About You

What is the truest thing about you? Many things may be true of you. But what is the truest? Our problem is this: “You’re clinging to true things about yourself that simply aren’t that true. You’re elevating things that are merely true – or half-true, or true some days but not others – to the […]

Bits and Pieces 26/8/14

Lifehacker has a great blog post on 5 reasons your presentations are letting you down. Whilst it has the business world in mind, the points are equally worth reflecting on how we preach and teach in ministry. You can now pick up a free ebook of the excellent God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts. Over at […]

Visiting newborns and new families

There is nothing like experience to learn a life lesson. Having a child has opened up a whole new world for me. We’ve loved sharing a new addition with family and friends, and we are so thankful for how we have been treated. And so this list is not a comment on them (they were […]

Suffering, Secrets and Youth Ministry

“I’ll never show my pain again.” These words were in the lyrics of a song I heard this morning. Rarely is such an idea expressed so openly and plainly. Certainly, the theme is not uncommon in lyrical writing. It’s just usually a little less explicit. They are words that capture the essence of teen angst. They are the […]

Bits and Pieces 17/7/14

The Bible Society have an interesting article that challenges the desire for youth ministries to be an imparter of knowledge and instead to function as a guide. It’s a great piece to help us consider how we best engage youth with the Bible. Youthworks ‘Leaders in Training‘ camp is an excellent camp for training up […]