Christmas Videos

It’s that time of year – you’re looking for Christmas videos… and people are producing them for you. What a sweet match-up.

Here are a few going round at the moment that might be useful for you. We’ll update this page in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas.

[youtube id=”fgrOwFKeGWg”]

This one’s from the Bible Society UK. Many Christmas videos fail to highlight exactly why Christmas is good news – often no more than a brief comment at best on how God has come to save us. This one, however, does a great job of connecting the Christmas story with the Easter story – highlighting just what makes Christmas the ‘well good news’. It’s nicely written, and comes with a strong British accent.

[youtube id=”suowe2czxcA”]

‘Christmas according to kids’ videos usually go down well. There’s something about their innocent ‘almost but not quite’ retelling that adds a simple layer of humour. This video from Southland Christian Church adds a second layer of humour on top of that: as the kids retell the story with their unique twists and additions, we watch adults acting out and lip-synching their retelling. It’s a nice twist, and genuinely funny in parts.