New Resource: Time with God Booklets

The Bible is a vibrant and rich treasure to explore. And just like looking for treasure, it can be helpful to have a guide to help us discover its riches. We’re working to produce little booklets to help young people (or anyone really!) spend time with God. They are simple devotional tools with brief passages to […]

Kids Talks Library

We’re committed to resourcing ministries to kids in churches around the world. To that end, we are hoping to build a growing library of kids talks that can be used and adapted to teach the Bible simply and faithfully in a method appropriate to your context. We have a simple approach to our kids talks: […]

Simple Bible Study Method

If you’ve spent any time in a Bible Study group, you’re probably familiar with the ‘Swedish Method‘ of Bible study. It’s a good, simple tool to help people engage with the Bible. Over the years, I’ve developed my own techniques and adapted the Swedish Method to a framework with a little more depth. It’s been […]

Experiencing God

Did you experience God at church this weekend? Did the teenagers experience God at youth group? Or the kids in Sunday School? There is a lot of pressure these days for church to be a special experience. It has to be memorable. Uplifting. Inspiring. It needs to feel transcendent – that you were taken somewhere […]


We’ve recently created #hellopacks to help us welcome new people to youth group. We wanted to put a mix of things together that would be a) appreciated; b) useful; and c) thoughtful. Here’s a sample: Here’s what we’ve included in the pack so far: A can of pepsi (because we’re in the west) A chupa-chup (it’s […]

Advertising and Inviting

We’re currently in the process of making several changes to how we advertise youth group. For one, we got these postcards printed to help us invite people to youth group. They are designed to be flexible for a variety uses. Here’s some inspiration for you. We hope to use them for: Kids passing on to their friends, possibly with […]

Video: How not to pray

Here’s a nice, short video that illustrates some of the ways you may have (unfortunately) heard prayer led in church. Good to lock away for a future training session. [youtube id=”U_xyQ3kNQYM”]

Review: The Opposite of Spoiled

Should you give your kids a regular allowance? At what age? How much? Should they work for it? How should you respond when they inquire about your own spending habits? These are just some of the questions considered in Ron Lieber’s recent new book, The Opposite of Spoiled. Ron is a financial columnist for the New […]

Epic Explorers: A ‘Christianity Explored’ program for kids.

Looking for new material for your next kids holiday club? Or next term’s kid’s church program or kids club? Epic Explorers might be for you. Christianity Explored have recently adapted their course for kids aged 4-11 years in the form of Epic Explorers. The course takes kids through Mark’s Gospel to discover who Jesus is and what he […]